Friday, June 17, 2011

The sweet taste of spider.

I live with hippies.

Not of the rainbow-jersey wearing variety, but urban hippies. They eat organics, do yoga, and look nice.

I have not been a hippie, but do like assimilating into my social groups.

Therefore, when I was told that carob rice cakes were a delicious treat- I bought one. So sincere was my flatmate when she extolled their virtues.

I couldn't even eat the whole thing.
"You'll be back," she told me.
And I was.

I finished my rice cake. Bought another. I complained without conviction as I ate it.

By the third carob rice cake I was hooked. I love them. I am obsessed with them. A turn of events that I did not expect.

This was marvellous! There was something to this healthy-eating thing.

Then, having been advised twice in one week to try raw cacao, I bought some raw cacao beans that another friend recommended. (She eats them instead of sweets.)

Having had such outrageous success with carob, I couldn't wait.

When I bit into my first bean, the intense flavour was overwhelming.

The flavour of a spider cocoon. Filled with eggs and wrapped in tree bark.

Surely that was a dud one! (I hoped).

Nope. They all taste like that.

I am praying that this bag of expensive spider treats soon turns into a glorious taste surprise.

Spider treats

1 comment:

Gem said...

How does your friend eat them instead of sweets? Reminds me of a mungbean dessert in a vietnamese restaurant I tried once. Nasty aftertaste of...mungbean.


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