Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Snow in Auckland!!

Many of you will wonder what the big deal is. Snow. And about two minutes of it, at that. Pa-thetic.

The thing is, in Auckland, New Zealand it doesn't snow. Well it hasn't for 80 years.

So, yup, it may seem a little lame to get so excited, but growing up in Auckland it was the kind of thing us kids dreamed about. A magical idea that still seemed magical into my adulthood.

AND THEN IT HAPPENED! And, even better, I didn't read about it in the paper, enviously wishing that I had seen it (I do this with water-spouts and tornadoes), but for the two minutes that it snowed, I was right there at the window.

Well, that, and running around like a maniac yelling "COME AND LOOK! IT'S SNOWING!"

First snowflakes in upstate NY

To be honest, I'd only ever seen snow flakes once before, when I was visiting a good friend in upstate New York. I was so excited that I locked myself out of the house in my pajamas (see diagram.)

So, Auckland snow day was an excellent day...

Despite the fact that due to our un-insulated home with no central heating, I slept in 1x thermal pants, 1x thermal top, 1x pair socks, 1 x t-shirt, 1x full set of pajamas, with 1x hot water bottle, under 1x synthetic duvet/comforter, 1x feather duvet/comforter, 1x wool duvet/comforter and a fluffy blanket.


Nina said...
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Nina said...
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geri said...

Firstly: I just found your blog via a complex trail of blog-links - and besides making me homesick, I just love your art & sewing, so please do keep sharing. I also absolutely adore your picture of seeing snow in NY! And while I don't live in NZ anymore, I keep thinking of everyone in those old un-insulated houses freeezing! ( my old house in Auckland was like a refrigerator during a normal "cold snap"!)

Nina said...

Aw thanks so much Geri!
Im so glad you keep all of us freezing, un-insulated NZers in mind! :)


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