Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Album Art

Creating an album is a bit of a logistical challenge, so I've been neglecting blog duties somewhat.

The album is a crazy amount of work. Something else that has taken me by surprise is the amount of work that goes into orchestrating a magnificent photoshoot.

The lovely and talented Brooke Tyson is on board to style the shoot, providing her beautiful feminine and dramatic clothing, which is a thrill. I can't wait for my first fitting. I love playing dress-ups. I was also planning to diet, but my compulsive relationship with Tahini has ruined those plans somewhat.

On Sunday I even had  a papercraft party with some of my girlfriends so that we could make the props for the shoot, which is loosely based on Erica Lack's paper art. 

Who knew making things out of paper took such a bloody long time!! (I'm sure plenty of you do.) We worked for 5 hours, and are only about half-way there- if I am generous.

Erica is also doing the album artwork, which will be spectacular. I am so excited. The artwork is in production at the moment. I have only seen the sketches, but they are amazing.

I can't wait till I can show you. 


JenniS said...

Listening to George FM the other day and they played your song and namechecked you, SO exciting I almost fell off my bed!

Nina said...

Jenni! hahaha, that is hilarious! :) yay!
The sad thing is, I only get Mai Fm in my car. Which probably prevents some serious driving disasters when I get too excited. lol! :)

golriz said...

1. i love tahini too
2. i'm SO excited about your album art!



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