Friday, December 2, 2011

The turtleneck matches his eyes

This week I began recording the album- whooop!

The first step was drum tracking. Logan used this AMAZING record as his drumming inspiration:

As you can imagine, it really added extra intensity and passion.

 This is Olly Harmer, he is our recording engineer at The Lab:

 He won Best Engineer at the NZ Music awards last year. But it is very strange, the 'technical' awards (Best Engineer, Producer, and Album Art) are actually HIGHLY creative, but they are held on a different night to the main awards- like they don't even matter!

As if shaping the sound of an album is of no importance.

Anyway, he won. Hurrah. Working with Olly was wonderful, and we are just getting started. When the live song frenzy came upon me, he was there, getting creative with vintage room microphones to capture the song 'Lazarus' in one solid take.

What you cant see here are the boys stomping and clapping till their hands bled, and one very talented bass player.

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leila said...

! WOnderful! Love this, Nina! Kathy Griffin, who's an American comedian, calls the "Creative Arts Emmys" (different night; not televised) the "Schmemmies". Those are the categories that she's nominated in.


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